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The GLOV Mask Remover is made of special polyester fibre which draws the mask molecules but does not absorb them. Removing facial masks gets quicker and easier than ever. Would you like to be able to remove your mask efficiently and without any fuss? Do you dream of a way to avoid all the splashed water and the mess that facial masks make?

Ever find your relaxing evening face mask session tainted by a drenched t-shirt or a frantic hunt for a clean towel? Say goodbye to the messy stuff. Our GLOV Mask Remover borrows innovative fibre technologies from our classic makeup removal gloves to provide you a speedy and clean face mask removal process. Just wet the antimicrobial glove and apply it directly on your face. When you feel a warming sensation, the mask has begun to melt away, and is ready to be removed in a circular motion. After use, the glove be cleaned with warm water or even in the washing machine. Get the most out of your face masks by introducing our mask remover into your routine.

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