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Designed for women who love to travel! In the Travel Set you will find: GLOV on-the-go, Glov Quick Treat, Magnet Cleanser and little hanger. Everything what you need for easy make up removing during your trips.

For makeup removal that works as hard as you do, the GLOV Travel Kit is a must-try for busy women everywhere. Featuring one classic On-The-Go glove, one Quick Treat glove, a travel cleanser and hanger, this set has everything you need for fresh, glowy skin on the move.  Packaged in a bright and bubbly blue mesh pouch, our classic makeup removal hand glove is there for a full-face cleanse, while our Quick Treat finger glove is perfect for eye makeup removal and cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. When you’re done? Simply rub the glove with our orange oil-rich Magnet Cleanser, wash with warm water, and hang up on the suction hook.


Travel Kit Includes:

1x Blue Mesh Pouch

1x On-The-Go Makeup Remover

1x Quick Treat

1x Magnet Cleanser

1x Hanger with Suction Cup

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