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GLOV Skin Smoothing Body Massage Glove is made of natural bamboo fibres with a slight addition of polyester. Regular massage using the GLOV glove helps you to achieve visible improvement in skin condition within 30 days. The properties stimulating the microcirculation of blood and lymph result in the breakdown of subcutaneous fat.

You can shell out on all the expensive shower gels and moisturisers in the world – but unless the application is up to scratch, it’s just not worth it. Enter: the GLOV Skin Smoothing body massage glove. Where bacteria-ridden loofahs do more harm than good, and your humble shower flannel just doesn’t cut it, our body massage glove picks up the slack. Say goodbye to uneven, raised, bumpy or dry skin. Stimulating bamboo fibers smooth out the rough stuff while rubbing motions stimulate blood flow. Use on its own or enhance the effects with your favourite scrub or gel. Just 30 circular movements a day in problem areas will improve your skin’s condition noticeably within a month.

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