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The set features one original Glov Comfort Makeup Remover and one Glov Gel Eye Mask, all wrapped up in a sweet and sparkly bag.

GLOV Comfort will simplify your life. The special 4-corners design will help you remove your make up in such troublesome places like corners of eyes or difficult to clean eyeliner. The bigger in size GLOV will be perfect to remove make up from neck or chest. Specially designed for women who prefer stronger make up. Perfect for removing your face mask.

Its secret is fiber created in micro-technology, thanks to electrostatic properties acts like magnesium on the makeup thoroughly remove it.
The skin is perfectly cleansed with make-up and excess sebum.

Dermatological tests have 100% anti-allergic properties, it is user friendly for the lenses and the environment.
It can be used for 3 months. Wash it with soap every time.

Soap protects the fibers, leaving them perfectly clean until further use. In addition, it will be great to brush your make-up brushes.


All Comfort – My Sparkling Moments Makeup Removal Set Includes:

  • Glov Comfort – a handy glove that allows you to wash your makeup only with water.
  • Glov Gel Eye Mask – a gel beads mask that can be used warm or cold.
  • Glov Packaging – the products are packed in an elegant bag ideal for a gift.


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